you be (kita) us, a play on the word ubiquitous, opens up different ways to experience and navigate spaces. Walking the city everyday, one might be able to sense the different energies that inhabit different places. Using the accumulation of lo-fi documentation of these places and converting the raw data from these images to sounds creating an interference loop. Best experience at home in the dark with headphones on. Alternatively you can experience the sound while walking in your own city. May you encounter the ever present energetic spaces in your own worlds and verses.

Singapore sensed through sounds

The intimate works of visual and performance artist ila (b.1985, Singapore) incorporate objects, moving images and live performance. Through weaving imagined narratives into existing realities, she seeks to create alternative nodes of experience and entry points into the peripheries of the unspoken, the tacit and the silenced. Using her body as a space of tension, negotiation and confrontation, her works generate discussion about gender, history and identity in relation to pressing contemporary issues. She has recently released her first full length titled naik angin