The SPACE as an instrument.
The SPACE as a resonating body.
That which reflects.
That which triggers inner resonances within us.

A ruin of East Berlin – a monumental relic of Berlin’s military past built in 1918, with a gentrified future to become apartments coming near. 

In the NOW however the beauty of it being silently in decay and suspended in nothingness remains. Its rare giant structure made of reinforced concrete and a dome-shaped form becomes our instrument and our temple.

Since the lockdown 2020 until today we found our artistic recluse and a new stage. Myself and few closest friends and fellow musicians performed musical interventions, sonic rituals which were to give a temporary new purpose to this building and a new meaning to our artistic practice.

From the perspective of the space – we are the players , exciting its sonorous body from within – receiving its supernatural echo and thereof responding to it.

My fellow musicians and visual artist who experienced this place with me reflect on their aural, visual, tactile and extrasensory perceptions of the space, through memory.

Municipal Junk Sculpture
A colossal Ruin

A trembling concrete THROAT
Charly Roussel

First, like ghosts, we move carefully around the circular domes, not wanting to make an imprint or a mark , worried that we are too small for what it is we are sensing. Then, a little bit braver we move around with bigger gestures , picking up pieces of rubble, sticks, branches, glass – we start scraping into the texture of the air with our movement and sound.
Radio signals from another time creeping into the microphones“.
Edvina Fahlqvist

. feels humid, like a heavy mass of invisible air floating around that carries the sounds further and closer. sounds from the past make me shiver. I think breathing in a haunted house would feel similar.
I guess it has to do with a perception that floats in the unconscious. It feels cold and full of stuff even though its mostly empty, as if its occupied by the past.. maybe that energy can also be perceived as ghosts or elves!“

Victoria Martinez

„It’s like you enter some other dimension, a labyrinth of mirrors. Only the reflections are not what you expect – not only yourself is echoing back at you, but the whole aura and history of the building comes crashing down , distorted and bent at different angles by the decay of time . A perfect model of heterotopia – a space undefined , under conflict and with value to artists who impose new forms of psycho-emotional aura into the space. „
Zoya Zerkalski

If this space had a soul and a name, what would you imagine this name to be?


Embezzled giant

S u p e r m o o n

All pics by William Gargiulo, 2020

Daria Redkina (aka Zoya Zerkalski) is a Ukrainian sound artist based in Berlin.
With practice in collective improvisation and site specific performance, her research work covers perceptual phoenomena of sound in space and human interrelationships determined by historical and cultural narratives.
She’s part of female duet Cotenius Z.