Pic by Olle Holmberg

Judith Hamann is a cellist/performer/organizer from Narrm/Melbourne, in so-called Australia, currently washed up in Berlin. She/they make experimental work for performance and recordings, using cello, field recordings, feedback, and electronics. Judith formerly lived in Barrio Logan, San Diego for several years and pines for the desert and the sea.

Judith Hamann is the curator of MOSS GATHER STONE, a nettnett radio program made of dusky mixes of songs/ambient/experimental/sounds and focussing on experimental sound making which ‘thinks-with-its-making’: embodied, exploratory, sympoietic, and auto-ethnographic sound practices as a process of rethinking and remaking social and sonic spaces.

As a special Ohrwurm mixtape edition, join us and listen to Moss gather stone second episode: all about winter and loss and different ways we might make chords and leaving in all the bumps and creaks of their making, about some debuts, about drift and diy instruments (physical or virtual).

  • Sholto Dobie – Soft Rush
  • Rhodri Davies – Y Gaseg Fedi 
  • Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – découpé (excerpt)
  • Perceptiō + Voces del Curso de Bárbara Lázara en PAOS Improvisación
  • Gamin – Stars (excerpt) 
  • FUJI|||||||||||TA – Keshiki Fujita Yosuke iki
  • Harold Budd – Moss Landing
  • Maggie Nichols – Shadow and Light Source Both
  • Carolyn Chen – Persimmons
  • Rosalind Hall – Drift (excerpt)
  • Yvette Janine Jackson – Destination Freedom (excerpt)
  • “Blue” Gene Tyranny  – Timing (by Phil Harmonic)