Haydeé Jiménez (Hidhawk / AyDD / Traviesas y Milagros) is a transdisciplinary artist, cultural activist and curator based in the Southern California – Northern Baja California region.  She is co-founder of nettnettradio and the artist-run community space nettnett in Pasaje Rodriguez, Tijuana. 
Haydeé is an explorer in the realms of artistic and holistic approaches to healing through gathering, sound frequencies and vibrations (@mifrecuencia). Aka, AyDD, Haydeé is a composer, producer and performer of experimental music. She is a promoter of fellow musicians and artists via Borderlandnoise (@borderlandnoisefest @borderlandnoise).

Haydeé Jiménez records and produces ESPACIO_SPACE, a special edition program on nettnett radio for community members that have something to share.

Join us in this special Pochemuchka audio edition and listen to Espacio_Space episode 8 featuring an interview to NORA KEYES, a Los Angeles-based artist and musician famed for eccentric on stage theatrics and known to transform herself from innocent child to ancient hag all the while accompanying herself on organ. 


Nora Keyes