Jessica Daugherty (jdaugh) is an award winning documentary filmmaker and a director/producer of experimental film & video, performance art and music.  Under the moniker jdaugh she has directed music videos for artists including Nhktar and Dust On Snow, and collaborated on four experimental music albums with artists including Cat Child, Child of No Nation, and Through Flames. She is also the creator/producer of three podcast series; Sonic Altar, Bearing Witness, and The Khôra. In 2020 she co-founded the experimental performance collective, Al Límite, and became a founding member of the multilingual experimental radio station, She is also a co-founder of the production house and artistic association, Shrine13. All of her projects focus on transformative experience through art and dialogue, aiming to change and channel the quotidian, colonialist narrative towards an equitable, empathetic, and humane existence.

Jessica Daugherty hosts ⤐⤑⥺ Sonic⦽Altar ⭄⬸⬷: an art sharing, discussion and music series with artists, activists and thinkers building a sonic altar to the ideas and sounds that will change our culture, from Hong Kong to Tijuana.

Join us in this special Pochemuchka audio edition and listen ⤐⤑⥺ Sonic⦽Altar ⭄⬸⬷ episode 5 featuring Sissy Doutsiou: an actress and poet in Greece, a founding member of the Institute for Experimental Arts, and curator of the annual International Video Poetry Festival.
For our Sonic Altar, Sissy Doutsiou shares her poetry and offers her memories about the anthropologist, anarchist, and author David Graeber as friends, collaborators, and core members of The Institute for Experimental Arts @instituteartgreece.
Doutsiou discusses how The Institute for Experimental Arts’ horizontally organized core collaborates in the fields of theater, art performance, multi media installations, poetic performance and art theory and activates itself amongst people in Athens, Greece and around the world. She leaves us with a clear idea of how horizontally organized groups can reject hierarchical systems to create direct democracy and build lasting autonomous networks.