FUJI-YUKI: * * *

FUJI-YUKI: * * *

By overlapping and mixing each assertion,
They assimilate and one individuality is born.
Just accept it.
I am strongly attracted to this phenomenon, which can be called our human ideal.

I fell asleep with the radio on and woke up at dawn to the sound of the radio.
Every sound was mysterious to me.
Even familiar songs felt different.

Unexpected noises,
Intermingling with sounds from other channels,
Distant talking voices.
Signs of someone.
Everything was unintended.

Slumbering between dream and reality, the young me was passive to the sound of the radio that came on.

I had no ego, and tears flowed for no reason.
I am now trying to retrieve that feeling, as if I was tracing the memories.

Fuji-Yuki is a Japanese vocalist who uses her voice like an instrument. With special vocal techniques, glossolalia and electronic pedals, she creates a wide variety of sounds.
Inspired by the spirit of Buddhism and Shintoism, her voice also responds to all kinds of phenomena, such as the echoes of space, silence, natural sounds and noise.
It is rare to see a space rise up and dissolve into the place.
She is also known as the vocalist of the experimental band Sarry.
She has launched a ‘French-Japanese cultural exchange project with voice and dance’ and it will take place in France in autumn 2023.