Leah Bachar (La Pánica / Child of No Nation) is a cross-sectoral artist and educator. Driven by human connection, Leah is inspired by public performance and unique, immersive situations that facilitate open arenas for creative, spontaneous collaborations that work to break down barriers between spectator and performer. Leah combines her interest in experimental theater, the written word, radio, activism, sound art, radical rituals, social experiments, and durational performances, to curate happenings where the arts and collective healing intertwine.

Lea Bachar is the curator of LA NETA – an online radio program that shares stories of migrants and asylum seekers from around the world at different stages of their personal journeys. The truth behind the powerful Choice to leave one’s home is told to us directly by the ones who experienced it firsthand. La Neta is committed to amplifying the voices of those directly affected by the global migrant and refugee crisis, by reclaiming the narrative controlled by mass media and placing it back in the hands of the people. 

In the first episode, Sintia and her two children escaped from the grip of organized crime in Acapulco, Mex in order to seek asylum in the United States. Lea met her and her family at the Borderline Crisis Center in Tijuana, Mex and this interview was recorded the day she finally crossed the border.